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LactoScope Filter C3+ / C4+
For decades Delta has been developing mid infrared analyzers for the dairy industry, named the LactoScope Filter.

In 1990 the first LactoScope Filter manual was developed to check the quality of raw milk and milk products, by laboratory staff and production operators. With a very simple action an accurate result appears in the screen within 30 seconds.

Typical users of the LactoScope Filter manual are:
  • Small and middle size dairies that need to check the incoming raw milk and end products
  • Cheese processors to check both milk and cheese
  • Back up instrument for dairies with 24 hours a day milk sampling
  • Dairy herd improvement laboratories
  • Payment laboratories
  • Milk collection points
The re-design of the new LactoScope makes the instrument even more suitable under tough conditions. The small foot print with is integrated cleaning and zeroing buffers of 5 liters each, makes the whole setup userfriendly and easy to operate, not only in a laboratory environment, but also on site in the processing area.

For more detailed information please contact your local representative or Delta Instruments BV.
The following components can be measured with the LactoScope Filter manual:

  • Fat
  • Protein
  • Lactose
  • Total Solids
  • Solids Non-Fat
  • Freezing Point Depression (after Koops et al.)
Cheese Application (with LactoScope Filter C4+)

The Cheese Application makes it possible to analyze the properties of your cheese just after your production process with only a small investment. Knowing the properties at an early stage can optimize the production process. Therefore resulting in less waste and bottom line savings for your company.

This method is cheaper, less time consuming and not hazardous in comparison to traditional chemical methods to determine the properties of your cheese.
Cost savings can also be realized if analyses are no longer outsourced and can be combined with your milk analyses using the LactoScope Filter C4+.
The Cheese Application can also be considered if companies want to replace their NIR analyzers and/or their existing milk analyzers.

The principle is based on liquefying the cheese with a patented solvent. In just 60 seconds a specially designed mixer obtains a perfectly homogenous, stable milk like suspension that is ready for analysis on the LactoScope Filter C4+. Fat, protein, salt and moisture can be measured in a wide range of cheeses.

For more detailed information please contact your local representative or Delta Instruments BV.

Benefits of the Cheese Application with the LactoScope Filter C4+

  • Investment Savings: Reduction of initial investment as the LactoScope Filter is used for both liquid dairy products as well as cheese analysis
  • Labour Savings: Reduction of labour in relation to the use of traditional chemical methods
  • Cost Savings: Reduction of labour costs, no additional maintenance costs


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