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CombiScope FTIR A600 Hp

The CombiScope FTIR A600 series, High Performance offer a fully automated sample handling system combined with two high speed routine analyzers The LactoScope FTIR 600 for measuring the chemical composition and the SomaScope LFC 600 for counting Somatic cells in raw milk at a speed of 600 samples per hour.

These series are offered with the highest available speed in routine analysis of cow, goat, sheep and buffalo milk.

  • Uncompromised analytical results: By identical heating and mixing of the samples.
  • Improved lab efficiency: one operator can handle up to 3 CombiScope FTIR A600 HP instruments.
  • Elimination of potential RSI Hazards: automated mixing, opening and closing of vials.

For more detailed information please contact your local representative or Delta Instruments B.V.

The CombiScope is able to measure many different components which are visible in the raw milk spectrum, next to the basic components (fat, protein, lactose, solids), for example:
  • Sample temperature measurement
  • Sample volume measurement
  • Automatic backflush system
  • Homogenizer Pressure measurement
  • Standard delivery: Fat, Protein, Lactose, total Solids, Solids Non Fat, NPN calculated urea, Freezing Point Depression (Optional) & Somatic cells. Other parameters on request.
  • Input & output buffer system
  • Opening & closing of vials
  • Mixing of samples
  • Air warming media with programmable temperature per buffer
  • RFID sample Identification.
with an analysis speed up to 600 samples per hour.
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CombiScope FTIR A600 HP

CombiScope FTIR A600 HP

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