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MicroVal validation - Monday, May 01, 2017

Delta Instruments is proud to announce that all our SomaScope instruments – SomaScope Smart and the SomaScope LFC of the CombiScope FTIR line – have been awarded the MicroVal certification, and comply with all criteria in the EURL MMP document, ISO 8196-3 | IDF 148-2.


The MicroVal validation consists of a method comparison study and the interlaboratory study with the SomaScope LFC and Smart against the criteria in the EURL MMP document – Criteria for the validation of instrumental (epifluorescent) methods for the enumeration of somatic cell in raw cow’s milk, from January 2013. 

Fatty Acid Research Could Benefit Farmers - Friday, March 04, 2016


2/29/2016 7:00 AM

By Leon Thompson, Vermont Correspondent  

Another story about the fatty acid work at St Albans 

St. Albans Cooperative Creamery - Wednesday, February 17, 2016
Media Contact:

Melissa Woolpert
Tel: 831-801-8190



Farmers Earn More for Milk with Higher Fat and Protein

St. Albans, VT – The St. Albans Cooperative Creamery is the first dairy cooperative in the nation to provide new information to farmers about the fatty acids that make up the milk fat in their cow’s milk. Local researchers found a direct correlation between the fat content in milk and farm management practices – this information will allow farmers to improve the way they feed and manage their cows as well as earn a higher pay for their milk. Recommendations from this research will support the economic viability of local dairy farms and ensure that consumers continue to have access to local, affordable dairy products.

“Thanks to the new milk analysis technology, we have developed recommendations farmers can use to improve their cows digestive health and how their cows are cared for,” explained Tom Gates, the Cooperative Relations Manager for St. Albans Cooperative Creamery. “These recommendations will allow farmers to produce milk with a higher content of protein and fat which they earn a higher price for.”

Dairy farmers will learn about the new technology at the St. Albans Co-op Annual Meeting on Saturday, February 13 at the St. Albans Town Educational Center. Rebecca Howrigan and her family’s farm is a member of the St. Albans Co-op. “We are excited to begin applying this new information to our farm,” said Howrigan. “My family will use it to make sure our cow’s diet meets their nutritional needs, and it will help us make decisions to ultimately produce higher quality milk.”

Recommendations to farmers on how to use this technology were developed by a team of dairy scientists from the University of Vermont, Miner Institute, Delta Instruments, and Cornell University. The technology measures fatty acids in milk, which are the building blocks of milk fat.

“Healthy, well-nourished cows naturally produce milk with a higher percentage of fat and protein,” said Melissa Woolpert, of the Miner Institute. “The extra fat and protein won’t affect the fat and protein content of the milk we drink, but instead can be used to make dairy products such as ice cream, yogurt and cheese.”

Not only will the research allow farmers to learn about the best-management practices to care for their animals, it also means that farmers can improve their bottom line at a time when the low milk price is tightening farm budgets.

“Because farmers are paid more for milk with higher fat and protein, they are constantly looking for ways to improve the amount of fat and protein in the milk their cows produce,” Gates said. “Higher fat and protein means healthy cows and more valuable milk, a win for the cows, the farmers, and our local agricultural economy.”

About the St. Albans Co-op:

The St. Albans Cooperative Creamery is a member-governed dairy cooperative committed to providing service, stable markets and the greatest achievable return to our members by delivering the highest quality milk, milk products, and services to our customers. The Cooperative provides active leadership in the dairy industry and political environment to benefit all dairy farmers.

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Acquisition of Delta Instruments by PerkinElmer, Inc. - Tuesday, February 09, 2016


February 8, 2016

Delta Instruments

Drachten, Netherlands

Dear Delta Instruments Customer:

We are writing to share with you the exciting news of the acquisition of Delta Instruments by PerkinElmer, Inc. We are taking this opportunity to introduce you to PerkinElmer and communicate what this means to you as a valued customer.

PerkinElmer is a global leader focused on improving the health and safety of people and the environment through its dedicated team of 7,700 employees serving 150 countries. The company provides innovative solutions help customers gain greater insights into their science to better protect our environment, our food supply and the health of our families.

In 2015, PerkinElmer expanded its food analytical platform through the acquisition of Perten Instruments. Perten Instruments provides leading solutions for the quality control of food, grain, flour and feed. Delta Instruments will join Perten Instruments in developing leading solutions by providing solutions for the analysis of milk and its derivatives.

PerkinElmer, Perten Instruments and Delta Instruments share a strong commitment to providing customers with solutions to their analytical challenges. We fully expect that the combination of these companies will strengthen our solutions to serve the global food testing market.

Customer commitment and minimizing disruption to our collective business operations will remain our highest priorities. Delta Instruments will continue to provide the same level of quality and service you have come to expect. Your primary contacts at Delta Instruments will remain the same, and any existing contracts or commitments you have will remain in effect.

We are excited about this new opportunity to deliver world-class solutions for food testing.

For more information, please visit the PerkinElmer and Perten website:


Pete Emond
Managing Director
Delta Instruments

Jon DiVincenzo
President, Environmental Health

Sven Holmlund
Perten Instruments
Fryslân: the dairy centre of the world - Monday, December 21, 2015

The Fryslân industry generates thousands of jobs and over EUR 1 billion in revenue. Our dairy production know-how has put our province on the global map. The increasing global demand for dairy products offers Fryslân the chance to become the epicentre of the world. We have plenty of space, the best meadows, a thriving business climate, the technology and the experience.


Read the whole article in the documents below:

news page 2.pdf news page 1.pdf 
Delta Instruments with Raudszus in e-Food Lab International - Monday, December 21, 2015
New innovation in our product portfolio - Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Delta Instruments main ambition is to become the best supplier of high quality dairy analyzerand to see our customers grow with usThis time we have looked at the sample treatment processes in the Central Milk Testing facilities and on how to improve the overall lab efficiency.


By not treating samples identically, the analytical results may be compromised even before samples are analyzed: they can easily be overheated, water spillage can contaminate the samples orinconsistent mixing can affect the measurements of components such as fat


To achieve uncompromised analytical results and increase the laboratory efficiency, we have partnered up with Raudszus Electronic GmbH to create the Automated CombiScope FTIR A600 HP, a fully automated sample handling system that is coupled to our milk analyzer for chemical components and somatic cell count the CombiScope FTIR 600 HP.


In addition to the advantages of this instrument, the Automated CombiScope FTIR A600 HP will also offer:

Continuous and identical sample treatment procedures
Fully automated hot air warming sample system.  
Fixed and identical process of mixing by inversion.
Simplified work tasks for the operator
Elimination of labor intensive procedures and potential RSI injuries.
Short and simple cleaning procedures.
Improvement on the lab environmental controls
Complete package option
Delta Instruments will provide the completeSales and Service support



We believe this innovation is an attractive solution for the sample treatment challenges that many central milk testing laboratories facenowadays

For more information, contact Delta Instruments.

With kind regards,

Delta Instruments’ team


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New Milk mid-FTIR metrics for dairy cattle management ICAR 2015 - Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Delta Instruments is not only a manufacturer of state of the art dairy analyzers, but is also heavily involved in numerous research projects and collaborations.


One of our most recent collaboration studies, New milk mid-FTIR metrics for dairy cattle management, has been presented by Prof. D. M. Barbano at the ICAR Technical Workshop on June 10th, 2015.


This study discusses the positive correlation between DeNovo fatty acids levels with regards to bulk tank fat and protein. Delta Instruments has provided technical support in the development of a chemo-metric prediction models for the major components in milk and fatty acids, and FTIR milk analysis equipment, the LactoScope FTIR Advanced.

Prof. D. M. Barbano’s study shows that when DeNovo fatty acids are higher (relative percentage of fatty acids), fat test are higher for both Jersey and Holstein breeds:

  • As DeNovo fatty acids (g/100 g milk) increase, fat (g/100 g milk) increase at a much faster rate (factor 2,28 for Jersey and 2,16 for Holstein) than when preformed fatty acids (g/ 100 g milk) increases.
  • As the proportion of DeNovo fatty acids increases (and fat percent increases), the measured fatty acid chain length and double bonds per fatty acids decrease. 
  • True protein (g/ 100 g milk) increases as DeNovo fatty acids (g/100 g milk) increase. The gross difference in farm income from milk between the low and high DeNovo fatty acids farms was approximately $30.000[1] per year per 100 cows with income higher for the high DeNovo fatty acids farms.


This study is published together with all presented files on the website of ICAR Technical Workshop 2015 at:   

Milk price calculation were based on values of $8.59/kg milk protein and $4.85/kg milk fat – North East USA milk price on November 2014.

Working for Delta Instruments? - Wednesday, September 23, 2015

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Innovation Cluster - Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Delta Instruments B.V. became member of the Innovation Cluster.

Meet us at the ICAR Technical workshop in Krakow (Poland) at Booth No. 9 in Area I - Friday, June 12, 2015

Delta Instruments will be present at the ICAR Technical workshop 2015 from June 10th until June 12th, 2015 with a team of product specialists.


As a supplier of robust and quality Dairy analyzers with low cost of ownership and a dedicated service department, we will have one of our most successful dairy product analyzer, the CombiScope FTIR 600HP, on display at our booth.


The CombiScope FTIR 600HP is an state of the art instrument with a magneto-dynamic sampling head, non-contact sample volume and temperature detector, a LED-based flow cytometry and many other unique features.


What else can we learn from milk?

The new features of our instruments will be introduced during the workshops and presentations.


We will gladly give you a demonstration of our instrument at our booth and provide you with any information you might require in English, German, Dutch or Spanish.